Kodubale Recipe|| Best 10 Nutrition Benefits

Kodubale recipe is a traditional recipe from the Coorg district of Karnataka state in South India. Vanilla extract is added to it to create a sweet and aromatic dish. Kodubale is traditionally prepared on Diwali celebrations or during occasions like new year festivals.

The kodubale recipe is a breakfast recipe from my family. The batter has to be prepared the night before and rolled into balls. In the morning, you need to fry them in hot oil in a pan and make sure not to burn them. It is an easy dish but requires effort, so we all love it.

How to make a Kodubale recipe?

  • Preparation Time: 30 min
  • Cooking Time: 15 min
  • Total time: 45 minutes
  • Serving Size: 4
  • Difficulty: Easy
Kodubale Recipe
Kodubale Recipe

Ingredients for Kodubale recipe

  • Basmati rice for making dosa;
  • Two green chilies sliced one, and a half inches long;(chopped)
  • Three cloves of garlic, crushed;
  • One teaspoon of turmeric powder;
  • Salt to taste.

Directions for Kodubale recipe

Step 1: Wash and soak rice and other ingredients for at least 30 minutes in water. Mix all the ingredients for making dosa batter.

Step 2: After 30 minutes, drain and use a grinder to grind all the ingredients into a fine powder.

Step 3: Prepare the batter as it is mentioned in the recipe. Heat oil in a pan on low flame and add the batter, frying point by point after each other, until all are fried.

Step 4: Serve and enjoy.

Nutrition Facts

Calories 107
Calories from Fat 0

Best 10 Nutrition benefits

  1. Low-fat content: The Kodubale recipe has a very low-fat content of 21.4 grams, much less than a whole packet of butter. Also, it has no cholesterol and is full of fiber and protein.
  2. Good for heart and bones: It can help maintain healthy bones and heart health. It is not only tasty but also good for your health!
  3. Lowers cholesterol: There is no cholesterol in the recipe, which makes it a healthy way to beat heart disease.
  4. It is easy to make and tastes yummy: Kodubale recipe is made with simple ingredients and can be easily prepared at home. Similarly, it tastes yummy and fresh hot from a pan!
  5. Good for kidneys: Thus, it is also suitable for your kidneys. It contains several nutrients essential for the kidney’s proper functioning.
  6. Full of fibers: It is full of fiber and thus maintains your body’s regularity!
  7. Easily digestible: It is very easy to digest as it is made with a blend of rice flour, making it easier to digest.
  8. Healthy snack: Kodubale recipe can be enjoyed as a healthy snack when you are on a diet but seek out some variety and taste!
  9. It is full of iron: In the Kodubale recipe, various nutrients benefit the body. Iron is an essential mineral for proper red blood flow throughout the body.
  10. Helps in blood circulation: As it gives you more energy levels, it has many beneficial effects on your body and helps in blood circulation. Thus improving your overall health!

Is It Healthy for all?

Yes, the Kodubale recipe is healthy because turmeric has antibacterial properties and is suitable for the skin. Since it contains turmeric, it is ideal for health too.

Final Thoughts

Here is the final verdict on the Kodubale recipe. It is a delicious breakfast recipe made with rice, green chilies, and spices to make dosa batter, which needs to be fried in hot oil with care. This sweet, tasty and tasty dish will surely be a hit in a world where breakfast is eaten in the mid-morning.

It is a fantastic and easy-to-prepare recipe that all will love. Try making this delicious dish next Diwali or any special occasion to impress your guests.